At Arnold Clark, we feel so fortunate to have been part of Omaha’s storied past for over the last 100 years. For more than a century, we have photographed many individuals who have done so much to shape our city. We feel our contribution to Omaha has been to artistically document its people, who have taken Omaha from a drop station on their way across America, to a blustering city of nearly a million people. So now, with a mission to artistically document the next century of Omaha’s citizens, we have emblazoned a new project called We Are Omaha.

Arnold Clark has many ways to represent all different sectors of our city. Our largest platform is our grand displays at Omaha’s Eppley Airport. We’ve showcased hundreds of Omaha residents’ throughout the airport to greet visitors to our city. It’s our way of saying We Are Omaha and we are proud of who we are. We are now showcasing many different sectors, from families to individual groups of leaders, as well as individuals who are often not celebrated for their behind the scenes work. We are proud of our art and those we commemorate. Now that we feel we have a clear vision of our purpose in this great city, who knows, you might be our next face of Omaha.